Friday, September 25, 2009

Why "Mr. Ober Da Bakod"?

The Debate
So my wife and I discussed various blog names for a couple weeks before we agreed it should be something that represented our respective origins: I'm a German-American from the Midwest and she's an exotic calamansi blossom from Baguio City.

The Winner
She gets the credit for Mr. Ober Da Bakod, the name of a '90s Filipino sitcom that happens to include "Ober" (from the German "over") which also happens to be part of my very ethnic last name.

Before we settled on the winner, other name suggestions included:
1. Fil-Amorous - I thought this was clever even though neither of us is actually Filipino-American. Also, my wife isn't having any PDA so we don't actually meet the definition of "amorous."

2. Fil-Amicable - If we get divorced some day and don't hate each other, this might be the new name.

3. Fil-Amity - Same as #2 but with a restraining order.

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