Sunday, November 1, 2009

Filipinos and Small Dogs

Puppy Sitting
We're looking after our friend's Mini Pinscher mix, Junior, for the next eight days or so. Between poop-scooping and planning our weekend around this psychotic little ball of cuteness, I've come to the following conclusions...

1. Chicks, Filipino or Otherwise, Dig Tiny Dogs
If you have the personality of wallpaper and no game with the ladies, just borrow your friend's cute little dog for the weekend. The urine stains and chewed shoes will be offset by the date you just scored with that hot chick at the farmer's market who was lured in by your canine companion's charm.

2. Filipino-Americans Like Tiny Dogs
After we took Junior to Intelligentsia for coffee and croissants this morning, we stopped by Seafood City where I waited outside while the wife stocked up on SkyFlakes and NFA rice. Junior seemed to draw positive reactions from the Filipino families entering and exiting the market. One of the employees even stopped to explain that he owned a Chihuahua and was also selling Pug puppies. With small dog in tow, I had more interaction with a wider range of people than otherwise.

3. Having a Small Dog Makes Up for No Costume
The three of us did a tour de force of the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval last night and Junior stole the show. Even though I was too lazy to don a costume, attractive women dressed in risque garb (this blessed holiday gives otherwise shy women license to let it all hang out) were fawning all over our little visitor.

4. Dogs Are Great to Own and Even Better to Borrow
We've babysat Junior on a few occasions now and giving him back is always a little bittersweet. But we also appreciate the freedom not actually owning a dog affords.

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